Employee Spotlight: Brad Blackwell

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

We are proud of the people who serve you and our Employee Spotlights allow us to give them some due attention. Recently, Softdocs’ Business Analyst Brad Blackwell hit his 10th anniversary working at Softdocs. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know him!

What did you do before coming to Softdocs?

I worked for a bank as the Nighttime Operator/Service and Repair technician.

What do you like most about the company?

The people I work with are AWESOME! Softdocs is a big family. Years ago, my cousin’s house burned down, she was lucky to get her husband and daughters out of there in time. When I told the company, I was overwhelmed with clothes, toys and money to give to them. They were so grateful that total strangers would go out of their way to help. I am blessed to work with such kind, awesome people.

How have you seen Softdocs evolve over the past decade?

When I first started there were 13 of us and now there are over 70.

What has been the most exciting/memorable/fun thing about working here?

In 2004, I was sent to San Antonio to install and train a customer. I was there at the same time the Final Four was going on, so I went down to the river walk and got to enjoy the local flavor. As I was sitting there, I realized that if I didn’t have the job that I did, I probably would never have been there!  That being said, seeing the Statue of Liberty was a pretty awe inspiring experience as well.

Have a funny story to share?

I’m the type of person that will make anyone laugh. One time we had some visitors in the Service area taking measurements for new desks. The tech that I was talking to was upset at something that had happened to his computer. I saw a red dot on the wall and started chasing it, like a cat, for a reaction from my friend, not knowing that the visitors were the ones shining the laser on the wall to gauge distances. Everyone that saw was laughing like crazy at me. I grinned and continued my discussion on SQL with the other tech, who would not stop grinning.  The visitors enjoyed the show as well.

How has your position evolved over the years?

I started out working on Doc e Serve and our folder/sealer units. I was responsible for designing forms, installing Doc e Serve, training on the folder sealers, and training on the use of Doc e Serve. Since then I have worked on every piece of software that we develop, except for Doc e Fill. Working in Implementation Services is about the same as what I did back then. I love meeting clients and training them on our software. It is an awesome feeling when you show a client what we can do for them to save them time and money!

What would you say is most challenging about your position?

The most challenging thing about what I do is when I find a glitch in SQL or there’s a problem with Windows permissions. At that point, I always go into my ‘Tech’ mode instead of my ‘Business Analyst’ mode. I will bulldog that problem until it is solved.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Report in and get my task list for the day, grab coffee, talk to clients for requirements gathering, get more coffee, work with more clients, get more coffee, go into IT meetings, get more coffee, install software on client sites, and work with Support on various issues they may have that I have experience with. Have I mentioned that I drink a LOT of coffee?

What do you like most about your job?

The challenges. I have learned more about Windows Security and SQL than I ever did in college.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

I build cigar box guitars and some basic woodworking. For me, it’s awesome when you see someone playing one of the guitars that you made. I’ve been getting better at building them and almost have it to where I can make the frets correctly instead of just burning the lines in the wood.

Happy Anniversary, Brad! We appreciate your hard work and dedication!