Employee Spotlight: Ben Spann

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Doc e Serve Support Technician Ben Spann received lots of praise and a virtual “Metal of Honor for meritorious service” by Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, earlier this month.

John K. Sonnen, the director of enterprise systems information at Trinity University sent an email “to thank Softdocs for having such a dedicated technician, programmer, and customer representative.”

This past December, Trinity was looking for a better way to handle the formatting and printing of their financial aid award letters. After learning their existing instance of Doc e Serve was well equipped to handle the task, Trinity decided to work with Softdocs on the form’s creation.

According to Sonnen, the process “went something like this:  “Great, this is approved. No, wait we want to make another change.” Several iterations later and Trinity had their “perfect” award letter.

A typical day for Ben involves installing, troubleshooting and training folks on Doc e Serve, so making changes to a form’s layout is nothing new.

“Ben Spann is a great Ambassador of Softdocs. His skill set is obvious. His dedication and patience are prime assets. … Trinity University’s Information Technology Services department is very glad that Ben Spann did a stellar job on this project. … Trinity University has benefited greatly from our choice of choosing Softdocs to help us with projects like this,” said Sonnen.

Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Technology and a master’s degree in Information Technology. He’s been on the Softdocs team for six years and in the software industry since 2005.