Employee Spotlight: Arvind Krishnan

Jordan Harbor

Jordan Harbor

Arvind Krishnan

Arvind Krishnan - Etrieve Product Owner, Softdocs

Since 2006, Arvind Krishnan has served as an integral member of the development team at Softdocs, a privately-owned software company providing enterprise content management and print customization solutions to the education market. Arvind began his career at Softdocs after receiving a master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of South Carolina. During his tenure at the company, Arvind has successfully led several key projects, leveraging his strategic insights and passion for the company’s products to the benefit of his team and the company’s clients.

While serving as a lead developer, Arvind’s responsibilities evolved into more of a Product Manager role before he was named as Product Owner of the company’s flagship ECM platform, Etrieve. In this role, Arvind works closely with educational institutions leveraging Etrieve, development partners, and internal and external stakeholders to define product vision and lead development of the Etrieve product roadmap.

A strong advocate for the agile development approach, Arvind is actively involved in local and regional agile professional groups. Complementing his involvement with these groups, Arvind also regularly attends technology-related and market-specific conferences and tradeshows. Leveraging new insights gained from these events, Arvind leads reoccurring stakeholder meetings to outline the most effective path forward for the Etrieve platform.