Employee Spotlight: Alan Atkins

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

2002 and 2003 were busy years for Softdocs. Having been officially incorporated for about five years, this was a time of expansion. We’d already added 17 employees and were well on our way to becoming who we are today. Now, ten years later, we are proud to celebrate with these employees that have now been with Softdocs for over a decade. We’ve celebrated with Jamie Young, Lew Love, Dawn Woodrow and now Alan Atkins!

What did you do before coming to Softdocs?

I did contract work for Tek Systems while finishing up college.

What do you like most about the company?

Although we’ve grown so much (we now have approximately 60 employees), we are still somewhat small in size compared to some companies. This size leads to a closeness and family-type work environment. However, at the same time running our systems on an enterprise scale allows me to put into practice my knowledge and experience, so it is never a dull moment on the job.

How have you seen Softdocs evolve over the past decade?

First and foremost the size of departments and creation of new ones. When I started there were a total of only 18 employees. Technologically speaking we are moving to more environmentally friendly software by continuing to develop and enhance our imaging solutions for paperless trails.

What has been the most exciting/memorable/fun thing about working here?

The growth of the company, technologically and in terms of employee size, is the most exciting. Each one of our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, which have evolved over the years, is memorable and fun!

Have a funny story to share?

When we were under the AIG Technology company name and I was in Support, I would sometimes field calls from people looking to purchase insurance. There were people who got us confused with the insurance company. There were even some who were very argumentative that we sold insurance, and on one occasion someone even demanded to speak with a Sales Rep anyway. Being the good Support Technician that I was I sent him to our Sales Department. We never made that sale.

How has your position evolved over the years?

When I first took on the role of System Administrator I kept busy with upgrades and new system integrations to get our systems up to date. Years later this is pretty much still the same, but now I have to be aware of enterprise level changes to future software and integration of future software/services as opposed to just getting our current systems up to date. Not to mention the number of employee computers and devices to manage and maintain.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a typical day I come into the office and verify backup of our important systems and databases both in local backup procedures as well as online/cloud based backup. If what I was working on the day before doesn’t take precedence over the aforementioned then I will pick up where I left off. There is always something to work on even when not planned for.  Sometimes the unexpected can suddenly become 100% of my work day.

What do you like most about your job?

Ironically, the same things that make my job stressful and overbearing at times, is probably what I like most. It is the ever changing and growing IT environment that makes my job exciting and never a dull moment.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

Computers used to be my hobby before they became a career for me. Now for some reason they aren’t as much as fun they used to be. Then it was golf until I had kids. Now it’s my kids. I try to keep them busy on weekends, and take time off during the summer and holidays to keep them busy with numerous activities. They keep me busy also.

Happy Belated Anniversary, Alan! We appreciate your hard work and dedication!