Employee or Teacher Contracts on Your Mind?

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Employee/Teacher contracts are one of the most important and paper-intensive processes in schools and colleges today. With Softdocs solutions, your institution can streamline this process using an electronic contract and web-based workflow between HR, supervisors and employees.

After your institution decides which employees will be offered contracts for the upcoming year, our products can read this data and pre-populate an electronic contract with all the necessary information. The contract is then delivered directly to the employee or through the employee’s supervisor.

The employee receives notification of the contract via email. The employee then opens the contract, reviews it and accepts or rejects the contract by electronic signature. The contract is automatically sent back to the supervisor or HR department for final approval, and then converted into a PDF and archived within the employee’s electronic folder in Doc e Scan, our enterprise content management solution.

Anthony Wright of Columbia County BOE in Augusta, GA sums up this processes’s impact to his district well:

“There is no longer a concern about a contract not being delivered or received because there is an audit trail of where the contract is from the time it is issued by us, returned by the teacher and later sent to the employee’s virtual file. The rapid turnaround of contracts enables us to focus our recruiting efforts more quickly and to get a critical step ahead of the competition in the very competitive teacher marketplace.”

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