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We’re big fans of your Ellucian style.

For over 20 years, higher education institutions have turned to Softdocs, looking to digitize their processes and uncover new efficiencies. As the only education-focused ECM provider, we understand the unique challenges you face in higher education. And we’ll always be there for you, with unparalleled support and friendly service.

Now, isn’t that as refreshing as a cool glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day?

Classified as “Ready to Engage” by Ellucian for integrations we’ve developed for Ellucian Ethos, we’re ready to add value to your technology strategy and the systems your institution already has in place.

Let’s talk about the great things we can do together!

Looking for ECM that best suits your Ellucian style?

Etrieve reimagines how you capture, process and distribute content, institution-wide. The evolving needs of your students and employees are satisfied, while data remains consistent across applications–and across campus!

Learn more about Etrieve at Ellucian Live by:

▶︎ Attending our Session: ECM and Ethos: Creating a Modern Paperless Institution. April 8 at 1:45-2:30 in room 224

▶︎ Stopping by our Booth #booth827

▶︎ Visiting our Solution Showcase: Integrating ECM through Ellucian Ethos-Olivet Nazarene University. April 8 at 3:15-3:30

You're a keeper!

Softdocs, an ECM partner that’s – complimentary

Look for “complimentary buttons” at Ellucian Live, and follow the compliments to find Softdocs, the perfect match for your technology strategy and your Ellucian Style. We’ll be handing out compliments AND prizes, so be sure to stop by booth 827 to receive your first complimentary button!

Throughout Ellucian Live, “winning compliments” will be announced on Softdocs’ social media. If your button matches one of our winning compliments, be the first to share a picture with your button on Instagram or Twitter and win a prize! Don’t forget to @Softdocs and #booth827!

Additional complimentary buttons (and better chances of winning!) can be earned by:

  1. Participating in a live Etrieve demo #booth827
  2. Attending our Session
  3. Visiting our Solution Showcase
  4. Following us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

After you’ve won, claim your prize(s) at the Softdocs booth!

Winning compliments will be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and pictures can be submitted on Instagram or Twitter. So, give us a follow and stay tuned!

We like your style.

Show your style at booth 827, and let’s discuss what we can accomplish together! Schedule an appointment in advance, or stop by when you have a few minutes to chat!

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