Electronic Teacher and Employee Contracts

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

At Softdocs, we have done our best to highlight the features of our solutions. But this year, we want to focus on exactly what those features can do to solve your specific business process needs, on a daily basis. We’re going to put on your shoes, sit at your desk (figuratively, so don’t be frightened) and help you more clearly understand how we can help you do more with Softdocs.

When we say “Do More with Softdocs,” what we’re really saying is “Go Further with Less Resources” or “Do More with Less.” It seems like this has been the catch phrase for so many folks over the past couple of years, but isn’t it true that we all desire to do more with less – with the “less” usually being less time and money?

So what specific processes can we help you do more with less?

Why don’t we start with the daunting task of Employee and Teacher Contracts since, for some of you, thinking about these will be here before you know it.

For those of you who have yet to experience our Electronic Contracts, this process may sound familiar:
The payroll manager spend days putting together paper-based contracts for your teachers. When they’re finally generated, the contracts are manually driven to all of your schools, where they make their way into each teacher’s box. The teachers are notified via email that they need to pick-up, review and sign their contracts by a certain date. That “certain date” arrives; however, all of the contracts do not. A couple of them had errors that weren’t caught during the generation process. The corrections are made, the contracts reprinted and redelivered to the school. Notifications are sent to teachers with the new due date. The contracts finally come in, and the principal reviews each. The contracts are then sent again to the district office, where personnel and, ultimately, the superintendent review each one. At the conclusion of the process the contract is manually filed into the teacher’s personnel folder for future access.

The common time period for this process? Four to Six weeks…or longer.

With our Electronic Contracts, the process is simple:
A database containing employee information is loaded into our secure, online solution and used to pre-populate an electronic contract. The contract is electronically delivered to the teacher and they receive a notification via email. The teacher logs into the system, opens the contract, reviews and approves the contract by electronic signature. The contract is automatically sent to the principal, back to personnel and, ultimately, the superintendent to approve. After approval, the contract is converted into a PDF and archived within the teacher’s electronic folder in Doc e Scan, our document management solution.If your district doesn’t have Doc e Scan, then a copy of the form can simply be printed for future reference.

The common time period for this entire process? About one week.

When managing your contracts electronically, there’s:
1) No fussing with Word and creating contracts one at a time – or using a mail merge.
2) No worrying about typographical or data entry errors when building out the contract.
3) No more driving contracts from school to school – and then making multiple trips to get contracts back from each school.
4) No worries about confidential information being placed in an unsecure mailbox within the teacher’s lounge.

“Issuing contracts to returning employees was a process that once took a week to prepare, days to deliver and still additional days to return. It has now been reduced to mere hours by using [Softdocs] virtual process. In addition to the time savings, we are also saving between two and four thousand dollars in printing and reproduction costs because we no longer have to have contracts printed and distributed. ” – Columbia County Schools

Contract time is almost here. Are you ready to “Do More in 2012”? Contact your Softdocs representative to find out how we can help you streamline this process.