Disaster Recovery: Restoring Your Doc e Scan Application

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Next in our disaster recovery series, support specialists Cory and Carl tell you what you’ll need to restore your Doc e Scan system.

At its simplest, Doc e Scan only requires two things for backup: the image warehouse and the databases.  The image warehouse is the store of all images catalogued or kept by Doc e Scan. This is usually on the server’s data drive and named for the Doc e Scan user institution.  A tape backup of this folder is all that is needed to backup the images.

The database backup is a little trickier. The databases hold all the filing information, search information, security and everything else that makes the image warehouse useful.  Without the database(s), you will only have a random assortment of images stored in a directory structure that is nearly impossible to navigate. If you are running Doc e Scan 3.0 or higher, there is only one database to backup, located on the SQL server. If you are running an earlier version, you will have multiple databases: Doc e Scan Master, Doc e Scan Log, and one database per room in (usually named by “Building-Room”).

It is recommended that you run SQL maintenance plans that will give you a backup (.bak) file of your SQL server through automation, and then use a tape backup to copy these to another machine.  There are also other 3rd party backup programs that will make a “correct” backup of SQL databases, but they do not always complete all the other maintenance items a SQL maintenance plan provides.

It is important to make sure these two backups are run simultaneously to eliminate any discrepancies between the image warehouse and the SQL databases. Otherwise a new image might be scanned into the image warehouse without any record of it in the database.  Backups should also be scheduled during times of least impact on users (usually nights or weekends). Both the image warehouse and the SQL database(s) are needed for Doc e Scan to function, so it is imperative that both are backed up regularly.

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