Disaster Recovery: Restoring Your Doc e Fill Application

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

This week, support specialist Greg takes you through the different components needed to restore your Doc e Fill system in the event of a disaster.

In preparation for disaster recovery, Doc e Fill has three directories that need to be backed up. Located on the server are code files, storage files and database tables. Each play different roles in recovering a lost system; however, each is essential for a complete application recovery.

The code files are the base of the program. They contain the functionality and cosmetics of Doc e Fill, as well as documentation and user manuals. All files are located in a single folder which, if restored properly, will provide complete program restoration. This folder is located in the www root folder connected directly to Internet Information Services.

The database tables play an equally important role. They contain customized data for each client, along with user information, names of form groups, locations, departments and most importantly, references to archived, pending and saved forms. This is located directly on the SQL server, and a complete backup will need to be configured through the MSSQL Configuration Manager. Without database recovery, the Doc e Fill application would need to be reconfigured and customized.

The storage files have a less significant responsibility, but are still required for full backup recovery. They do not determine or prevent any functionality within the program itself, but are used for archived, pending and saved documents. In addition, all forms associated with Doc e Fill are located here.  This folder is located in the Program Files directory on the server.

Complete recovery involves copying and replacing the two copied folders and a restoration of the single Doc e Fill database. Restoration is a simple process, but must be done manually.

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