Customer Stories: K-12 and Higher Education

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Before Softdocs, many schools spent excessive amounts of time dealing with paper—forms for this, documents for that. So much time was spent physically handling moving documents, making copies and tracking a document’s history and location, that little time was left for other pressing tasks.

The following scenarios will take you behind-the-scenes with 4 institutions whose day-to-day tasks changed dramatically after using our paperless solutions.


Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, CA
Over 15,000 students enrolled
Customer for 2 years
It wasn’t uncommon for the financial aid office at Cabrillo College to spend 5-6 hours a day managing incoming and outgoing mail. Since 10,000 students apply for aid each year, Cabrillo was always trying to keep up, but still falling behind.

Florence School District One, Florence, SC
Over 20 schools in the district
Customer for 12 years
The accounts payable department at Florence School District One was used to having a large backlog of paper, all overdue to be filed. On average, around 600 invoices were processed each week.

Stevenson University, Stevenson, MD
4,000 students enrolled
Customer for 6 years
Stevenson University ran out of physical storage space for their documents.

Originally, these issues were solved by adding another campus located seven miles away. But when the admissions department moved to the new campus, those same seven miles inhibited their productivity and dragged out approval processes even more.

Bulloch County Schools, Statesboro, GA
9,500 students enrolled
1,425 employees
Customer for 8 years
Bulloch County Schools needed a better way to manage important documents within their business processes—documents for applicants, new hires and employees.

Going through hundreds of applications “was such an intensive process that completely disrupted our daily tasks,” said Kevin Judy, Bulloch’s assistant superintendent for human resources.


Cabrillo College
Doc e Fill, Softdocs e-forms and workflow solution, digitizes every paper-based form that Cabrillo’s students need to fill out for financial aid.

“When you’re processing and reviewing hundreds of forms each day, it already takes awhile for a student to receive their aid…an incomplete form just delays that even more. But with Doc e Fill we can make it so a form cannot be submitted until the student has filled out all of the necessary fields,” said Lena Mason, Cabrillo’s financial aid technology specialist.

Florence School District One
“We’ve eliminated unnecessary phone calls, emails, paper going back and forth, AP deadlines…checks can be cut the same day now,” said Donna Bethea, Florence One’s director of data services.

Florence One now pays invoices faster and the schools maintain positive relationships with their vendors.

Stevenson University
“Workflow has changed everything because we now have the information we need at our fingertips,” Tracy Bolt said.

By adding Doc e Serve and Doc e Scan, Stevenson has increased productivity by eliminating filing cabinets and the need to drive miles away to find documents. They have also minimized spending by electronically filing documents instead of printing them.

Bulloch County Schools
Now, applicants can complete their forms and submit necessary documents online, and HR can use SoftApp’s reporting tools to review and compare multiple applicant portfolios at once. They are also working with the Softdocs professional services team to automatically file an applicant’s documents into a new employee folder within Doc e Scan once they are hired.

Which scenarios relate to you? We want it to be the latter, so contact us today for more information.