Unique Customer Processes: Georgetown County Schools

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Softdocs is constantly going above and beyond our customers’ expectations by creating new solutions to make their unique processes simpler. And though these solutions begin as client-tailored add-ons to our products, once created they become available to all our clients. Our development manager Carvel sheds the light this week on a solution we created for Georgetown County Schools: a way to digitally request a lost AP or Payroll check through Doc e Fill, re-process it with Serve and archive the new check with Doc e Scan.

When a check is reported lost, a user will be able to open Doc e Fill and in the document library, select either A/P Manual Check Request or Payroll Manual Check Request from the list of forms. They will fill out the information on the form (New Check Number will not be available for them to enter), and send to the appropriate person for approval. When the request is reviewed and approved, the user selects Archive in the Destination drop down and clicks send.  Two things happen: First, the Check Request Fill form is set to go into Doc e Scan.  Second, the data from the form is loaded into a CSV file and placed in the Serve Monitor directory.

Serve will see the file in the monitor directory and process the manual check. One copy will print without signatures, in addition to a filled out file copy.  The image of the check will then go into Doc e Scan to be filed. The check request will file in AP with the new check number and for payroll it will file under the employee’s SSN as a new check.

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