Unique Customer Processes: Columbia College

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Softdocs is constantly going above and beyond our customers’ expectations by creating new solutions to make their unique processes simpler. And though these solutions begin as client-tailored add-ons to our products, once created they become available to all our clients. This week, our EMMA development director Ricky takes us through a process we originally developed for Columbia College – automating employee leave requests and time banks through our time and attendance solution.

Through our EMMA time clocks, employees now have the ability to submit leave requests and send them directly to their supervisor for approval. Employees can select a date and then the number of hours for leave time, citing a reason if necessary. The form is submitted, and EMMA sends the form to the employee’s supervisor for approval or denial. Next time the employee clocks in, they can easily see on their calendar if their leave request was approved.

Employees can select single days, multiple days or partial days in hour-long increments. They can also choose which time banks the hours should be taken from. For example, an employee may opt to take an entire day off, but ask that half the hours be taken from their sick time and the other half be taken from their vacation time. This process also provides employees with the ability to view the number of hours in their time banks in real time.

All approved leave requests are then deducted from the appropriate time banks, and the data can be exported directly to your accounting solution. Additionally, any changes to time banks made within the accounting solution are updated automatically within EMMA, ensuring the clarity and correctness of the information.

Automating this process for Columbia College completely eliminated their leave request paper trail and saved their employees hours of tracking down leave requests and updating time bank information. Want to do the same for your institution? Contact a Softdocs representative.