Unique Customer Processes: Columbia County Board of Education

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Softdocs is constantly going above and beyond our customers’ expectations by creating new solutions to make their unique processes simpler. And though these solutions begin as client-tailored add-ons to our products, once created they become available to all our clients. Our development manager Carvel sheds the light this week on another solution we created for the Columbia County Board of Education: an easy way to track partner contributions using Doc e Fill.

In school districts today, businesses play a major part in assisting and contributing to different schools within a given school district.  These contributions come in as monetary donations and donations in the form of cars, motors, golf carts, etc.  These donations are very important in helping school districts manage the education of the youth in America.  It becomes the responsibility of the district to track these donations to the schools and to the district.

School districts need a method of tracking these donations in order to be able to recognize the donors, yet put the responsibility of recording the donations to the different schools.  The school district can then pull a list of the donors and contributions made to each school in an effort to recognize and thank the donors/partners for their contributions. In order to track this, Softdocs has come up with some Doc e Fill forms and a forms-to-table hook.

Partner Request Form – This form is used to enter the partner information necessary to track who donated to the school. Only new Partners should be added using this form. This form is routed to the individuals overseeing the partner contribution tracking, who will review the form, ensure that the requested partner does not exist in the system already and then archive it. When the form is approved and archived the requested partner with relevant information is added to the system.

Partner Maintenance Form – This form will be used to add new partners, modify attributes of an existing partner, inactivate a partner, or delete a partner.

Partner Contribution Form – This form will be used to enter the contributions made by partners to the schools.  This form will be archived by the user originating it and is not routed.

Fiscal Year Maintenance Form – This form should be used by the administrator for the Partner Contribution Tracking System to control the fiscal years which will be available to the School/Location level users to record a contribution. The user will be allowed to enter new fiscal years as well as lock access to the different fiscal years.

Contributions Transfer Form – This form should be available only to the administrator of the Partner Contribution Tracking System. It will be used to move a single or a set of contributions from one partner to another. The user will select from a dropdown  list of Partner #s or names which is required on this screen, select a location and also a fiscal year (both optional in order to return all contributions for a given partner) in the FROM section of the form. Making the above selections will list all the contributions which fulfill the selected criteria. The user can then check the checkbox corresponding with the contributions which they want to transfer. The user can then pick a Partner (required), Location and Fiscal Yr. (both optional) in the TO Section of the form. On archival of this form, the selected contributions will be transferred from the Partner in the FROM Section to the Partner in the TO Section.

Want to know more or want to implement this process in your institution? Contact a Softdocs representative.