Unique Customer Processes: Columbia County Board of Education

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Softdocs is constantly going above and beyond our customers’ expectations by creating new solutions to make their unique processes simpler. And though these solutions begin as client-tailored add-ons to our products, once created they become available to all our clients. Our development manager Carvel sheds the light this week on a solution we created for the Columbia County Board of Education: an easy way to export entered data from Doc e Fill forms to an outside vendor.

Softdocs worked with Pat Sullivan at the Columbia County Board of Education (GA) to improve the benefits enrollment forms used for their employees to sign up for enrollment in dental insurance, vision insurance, flex spending and other benefits. Pat mentioned that their process for handling these forms in Doc e Fill included printing a copy of the form at the end of the routing. The forms were then faxed over to the appropriate provider so the new employees could be enrolled in their system.

In Doc e Fill, there is a Forms-to-Table hook that allows for the data entered into a form to be stored in a custom table within SQL. The data from this form is written into the table whenever the document is archived. With this hook in place, the information the employee selected on the form is then written to the custom table. At the end of the signup period, CCBOE now uses Crystal Reports to connect to the custom table, extract the information and store it in an Excel spreadsheet. Then the enrollment information is then sent to the provider where they have a routine to load the information into their records.

A new purge form was created to allow CCBOE to be able to purge the data in the custom table by date. This is a generic form that can be used with any of the Softapps business process solutions for managing the data in the customized tables.

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