Convince Your Boss & Come to Bridge 2015

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

We may not need to convince you about the value behind our user group conference. Chances are – it’s your boss. This is why we’ve put together a list of tangible benefits that your investment will return:

I’ll strengthen my knowledge to maximize the Softdocs solutions we already own.
I’ll receive in-depth information on software functionality from Softdocs experts, pick up plenty of tips and tricks on how to better use our Softdocs products, and ultimately become a more proficient and business-savvy employee.

I’ll gain a strong perspective on where Softdocs is going.
2015 is going to be a big year for Softdocs. Their next generation solution, Etrieve, is being released and will offer additional functionality that can help us tremendously. I’ll be able to attend sessions at both the user and admin level to bring back information to share with our team, as well as get to know the key Softdocs resources that will be helping us move to this new platform.

I’ll learn how to save additional time and money.
Troubleshooting will be covered in many sessions, which is designed to help me use our solutions more efficiently and cost-effectively.

I’ll pick up ideas that I can apply to our own current business practices.
Customer presenters will share real-world case studies and offer best practice ideas through their experiences. Customer interaction is encouraged throughout the conference and will allow me to pick up on what others have had success with that we may not currently be doing.

I’ll make valuable connections.
From networking events like the Opening Reception and Dine-Around with experts, I’ll meet other Softdocs users with unique experiences to share. I’ll also be introduced to the Softdocs’ Customer Advisory Board (eCAB) – a collaborative network I can tap into long after the conference.

I’ll receive personal Q&A time with Softdocs expert.
Free one-on-one consultations will be available. I’ll be able to sit down with a Softdocs representative and discuss any issues or concerns we may have, or plan out next steps.

I can share what I learn with office mates after Bridge.
Combining my notes with each session’s PowerPoint presentations provided by Softdocs, I’ll have plenty of information to share when I return.