A Conversation on Change with Community Colleges

Jordan Harbor

Jordan Harbor

The fall semester is shaping up to be very different than it’s been in recent years. But how does that translate with individual and networked community colleges across the country? We’d like to know, and thought you might like to as well!

We’ve prepared a brief, anonymous survey that we are inviting all community college staff and faculty to complete. It should take less than ten minutes of your time to fill out. Once we’ve had a chance to compile and analyze the results, we’ll pull together some insights and share them with all participants. Not only will you get the opportunity to observe how change is impacting peer institutions, with your participation, but you’ll also be entered into our drawing for a Meeting Owl smart video conferencing camera. 

Please join us in this conversation on change! 


In case you missed it: Earlier this week we welcomed Marcia Daniel, and a number of community colleges, into the Softdocs webinar room to discuss the dynamics of change facing Education today. The recording is now available for you on-demand.