Considerations for an Enterprise-wide ECM Implementation

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

Whether you are starting from scratch, expanding your existing implementation or migrating from outdated technology that just doesn’t work for your institution anymore, something to consider is an enterprise-wide approach to your content management implementation. While it may seem overwhelming, this approach can easily help bridge the gap between departments and campuses.

After reading this article on eCampus News, our gears got turning about the impact enterprise-wide implementations can have on innovating your institution. This piece covers how in today’s world companies are moving towards cross-functional collaboration with profit as a main goal, and how higher education is different in that collaboration is inhibited by the complexity of various departmental goals.

We wanted to contribute to the conversation by sharing what we have noticed when institutions take this approach.

Technology is at the heart of today’s schools, and having multiple or all departments know the in’s and out’s of the software is huge. Of course, each department will have different processes in place and will have different functions for the solution, but it is extremely beneficial for departments to be able to interact and “speak the same language” when it comes to your ECM platform.

The speed of processes will be noticeably enhanced and decision-makers will see a quicker return on investment when efficiencies are being increased cross-departmentally, versus one department thriving and the next one still shuffling papers. Additionally, having a staff well-versed in the same solution can spark ideas and inspire departments to adopt different approaches from one another to increase productivity.

An enterprise-wide implementation allows your IT department to gain a big picture perspective of your institution, as well as produce data and insights that wouldn’t be possible with departmental silos. During the discovery portion of an implementation, each department’s processes get put under a magnifying glass, providing an excellent opportunity to evaluate what is working, what is not and then reworking where necessary.

Additionally, when IT can work closely with each department, as well as other C-level decision makers, they gain a more well-rounded outlook on how the ECM solution can propel the institution forward, as a whole.

Overall, collaboration breeds innovation, and collaboration can be fostered through an enterprise-wide approach to your ECM implementation.

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