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Softdocs Professional Services

Advance your pursuit of agility, efficiency and operational transformation with Softdocs’ business and technical resources. Looking to unlock the maximum potential of the Softdocs solutions your students and staff utilize each day? We can help!

Achieve Project Success with Softdocs Professional Services

As educational institutions’ budgets continue to shrink, the pressure to stretch IT resources grows even more intense. Complicating matters, as always, are the changes in personnel that seem to happen just as a clear vision for project success emerges. Softdocs is the trusted partner that is always available to help your institution move forward effectively and strategically. With a tremendous amount of potential built into the Softdocs solutions you leverage, Softdocs Professional Services stands ready to ensure that you, and your end users, achieve the optimal benefit from your Softdocs deployment—wherever you may be in your journey with us.


Getting Started


Process Discovery and Design, Training, Migration/Implementation

Going Live


Integration Development Assistance, Custom Form and Workflow Development, Custom Reports Building

Expanding your Deployment


Upgrade Services, Strategic Planning, Managed Services

Optimize Your Solutions with Managed Services

Did you know Softdocs offers Managed Services agreements? Find the facts you need to determine if Managed Services is the right fit for what you’re looking to accomplish today.

Getting Started with Softdocs

Having served higher education and K-12 for over 20 years, Softdocs understands the challenges you face and the processes supporting your departments each day. However, every institution does the small things just a little differently than any other. That’s where the education focus of Softdocs Professional Services begins to show true value. From Discovery through Implementation, even Migration from legacy systems, the Softdocs Professional Services team takes the time to roll out Etrieve in the manner best suited for your students and staff—providing personalized attention at every step.

Process Discovery and Design


A department-by-department discussion of your goals, requirements and processes, as well as best practices, to guide your implementation



A range of options that include a train-the-trainer approach, onsite training, remote training and even sessions at Softdocs, if preferred

Migration & Implementation


Proven methodologies and a personalized approach that ensure minimal downtime and a right-fit deployment for your institution

Strategic Planning and Consulting

The ability to unlock true value and gain a deep ROI for any enterprise-level system is achieved through continued pursuit of new and better ways to utilize it. In recognition of this fact, Softdocs believes in empowering and training the Softdocs Community to expand how their utilization of Softdocs solutions on their own. However, with the many day-to-day demands on the staff of every institution, it is all too easy to lose sight of, or deprioritize, opportunities for expansion.

Through Softdocs Professional Services, you have access to a flexible program of strategic planning and consulting that provides your team with additional capacity to review, plan, design and execute projects. Team up with Softdocs’ experienced system experts on any or all of the pieces of your next project to benefit from the experience and insight of the Softdocs Professional Services team.

Strategic Planning and Consulting

Going Live with Etrieve

As you shift focus from standing up a new platform to reaching every objective set for your Etrieve deployment, stay on schedule and budget by supporting the efforts of your team with additional resources and product knowledge provided by Softdocs Professional Services. Whether you need assistance integrating Etrieve with your most trusted campus applications or are looking to stand up new e-forms and workflows at a pace that IT can’t accommodate, Softdocs’ system experts are here to help.

Integration Development Assistance


Maximize the impact of your Softdocs solutions through robust integration with your trusted campus applications

Custom Form and Workflow Development


Extend your ability to plan, develop and modify electronic forms and workflows with the assistance of Softdocs’ system experts

Custom Reports Building


Readily gather and process information on your managed data and business processes with well-defined data models and Softdocs' resources

Scheduled Solution Reviews

To receive the most from your deployment of Softdocs solutions, an ongoing cadence of iterative improvements is needed. Softdocs’ Etrieve platform, and other enterprise systems, are continuously being advanced—evolving the way the solution solves business problems. That’s why the Softdocs Professional Services team recommends regularly scheduling a solution review and health check. This engagement focuses on taking advantage of new software features, boosting end user efficiency, implementing process improvements and recommending next steps.

Scheduled Solution Reviews

Expanding Your Deployment

Whether you’re interested in accelerating ongoing projects, resolving specific efficiency issues or lightening the burden of system administration, let Softdocs Professional Services provide the support you need to increase ROI and expand the impact of your Etrieve deployment. Grow your utilization of electronic forms, workflow automation and document management strategically and efficiently with Softdocs Professional Services.

Upgrade Services


Trust Softdocs' project professionals to oversee upgrades, freeing up your team to identify, map and scope areas for process improvement

Strategic Planning


Advance your deployment through ongoing and iterative planning with Softdocs’ system experts

Managed Services


Give IT the flexibility to look beyond system maintenance and expansion, refocusing on technology strategy, with Softdocs Managed Services

Facing a New Challenge and Looking for Guidance?

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