Collaboration & Learning Opportunities for the New Year

Terri McKinney

Terri McKinney

Bridge 2019 is almost here! Ok, so we might have a few more months to go – but that’s not stopping us from getting excited about hosting our annual user conference and connecting with our customers! In March, we’ll be heading up to Asheville, North Carolina for a few days full of informative presentations, round table discussions and one-on-one consultations. It’s at Bridge that we’re able to provide in-depth explorations of Softdocs solutions and help our customers discover new ways to maximize their implementations. 

Bridge is a great time to network and collaborate with Softdocs’ developers, professional services experts and their peers in academia. It’s such a beneficial experience for all, that we’ve engineered a new way for the Softdocs community to communicate – outside of Bridge!  

Earlier this year, we launched our online customer portal,, and it is growing fast! Acting as a central hub for Softdocs customers to collaborate and share ideas and knowledge, Softdocs Community already has begun to reflect the same environment of shared learning that is so special at Bridge.  

Within Softdocs Community, customers can ask questions and request new product features or enhancements. Other members of the community can answer questions, provide examples from their experiences or vote on product enhancement requests. Community members can also share tips and tricks that they have uncovered through their experience with Softdocs solutions to help other users with their implementations. Some recent hot topics include: Advanced Searches in Etrieve Content, Setting up a Broadcast-Ready Form and Strategies for Etrieve Security.  

Members of Softdocs’ Development team regularly review questions and answers as well as suggestions to make sure all the needs of our customers are being met in a timely and sufficient manner. With full support integrated into the portal, the Softdocs Community provides a multichannel approach for interactions with Softdocs’ Development and Professional Services teams. 

If you have already signed up for the Softdocs Community, thank you! Your participation has been most helpful and we’re excited to learn more about your Softdocs implementation. If you’re interested in signing up and participating in Softdocs Community – visit and signup today!