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Every minute with a student needs to count.

The successful higher education institution begins and ends with student success. That much is clear. But how does an education IT leader move the needle? At Softdocs, these two words drive the work we do and guide the development of the solutions we provide. As the only education-focused ECM provider, Softdocs proudly delivers the tools that institutions need to make the most of every minute with each student.

Our two words are student success, but we have so much more to discuss.

Strategic IT enriches the student experience.

In their search for more efficient processes, many departments are selecting “best-of-breed solutions”—yet often creating new information silos or instances of duplicated data. If this sounds familiar, what is your response? We understand the desire to create a seamless experience for end users.

Etrieve by Softdocs™ combines multiple integration points with an extensive API framework to bridge the systems in place across your campus and create new time-saving efficiencies for faculty, students and staff.

Advise students with data-informed decisions.

With threats to cybersecurity on the rise, how are you putting your students and staff in position to readily access their data while maintaining security imperatives? By standardizing data-governance institution-wide, Etrieve ensures your data remains accurate, secure and readily accessible by those it belongs to.

Looking to maintain a secure environment while empowering your students and staff with the information they need? Let’s talk at EDUCAUSE, or schedule a call.

Students—and data.

The forward-thinking institution aims to leverage data and content to maximize successful outcomes.

Etrieve by Softdocs helps higher education IT leaders reach their institutions’ goals by connecting processes and departments with enterprise content management, electronic forms and workflow.

Let’s put our heads together at EDUCAUSE and discuss how, together, we can drive successful higher education outcomes for your institution.

You’ve heard our two words, now tell us yours.

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Document Management


Etrieve Content allows you to manage all your data in a secure, standardized manner.

Etrieve Content is a fully browser-based content management solution that allows your institution to store and organize your data all in one place. With document management from Softdocs, student and employee data is consistent, organized, and easily accessible.

Electronic Forms


Etrieve Forms enables students and staff to complete web-based forms, eliminating the need for paper at its source.

Electronic forms eliminate the need for paper and slow, paper-based processes. Automatically see the status of a form and review, approve, deny or comment quickly and easily.

Workflow Automation


Etrieve Flow, Softdocs' intuitive graphical workflow designer, connects all departments and aspects of your institution.

Etrieve Flow simplifies your workflow by automating repeat business processes. Automatically store and organize documents, quickly route completed documents and forms for authorization, and maintain a detailed history of the path all your data has taken.