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Recapping Ellucian Live

by Hannah Goodwin

Earlier this month, our team packed their bags and travelled to San Diego for Ellucian’s 6th annual user conference, Ellucian Live. E Live is always one of our favorite events of the year! It’s a great time to connect with current customers, as well as share the power of our Etrieve platform with Ellucian users from near and far.

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Softdocs Travels to Bend for OrACRAO

by Tom O'Rourke

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Oregon ACRAO in Bend, Oregon. This was my second time visiting the city along the Deschutes River, and once again, it didn’t disappoint.

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More than leads…Industry conferences and their real appeal

by Kayla Tuff

As we look to wrap up 2016 in a little over a month, we will have completed more than 50 tradeshows, industry conferences and client events this year alone.

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Oh, the places we have been!

by Hannah Goodwin

Tis the season… for conferences and tradeshows!

While it may appear quiet on the sales side of the office, it has been anything but! We’ve been out trekking across the country, local government officials, K-12 business officers and higher education leaders… YOU!

The season began in early February when Brian Hinson made the short drive from his home in Georgia to visit with the state’s local municipal clerks at the Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association (GMC/FOA) conference in Athens.

Not long after, the southeast was hit with its first snow storm of the year. While snow may not be a big deal for many of you, when it hits in the south everything comes to a screeching halt. Luckily, Lew Love and Lana Olmer had safely made it to North Carolina Association of School Business Officials (NCASBO) in Greensboro, N.C. before the storm dumped nine inches of snow causing the conference to cancel early. While not all the attendees made it, Lew and Lana made the most of their trip. Vendors and attendees alike enjoyed gathering together over the next several days waiting for the roads to clear and to head back home.

By the end of February, things were warming up in Austin, Texas for Anna Boomer and Selia Straus to attend the Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO) conference. It was a much different picture from the last tradeshow Softdocs had attended just a few weeks prior in N.C. The trees were in bloom and Anna and Selia enjoyed a run through the city during some down time.

The following week, Meredith Williams, Andrew Daniel and Melissa Force made their way from Columbia to Myrtle Beach for the South Carolina Association of School Business Officials (SCASBO) conference. Unfortunately, the southern cold re-appeared and folks enjoyed the beach…from the warmth of the session rooms!

While it was just cold in Myrtle Beach, the worst of the storm front had stalled over Arkansas as Brian was making his way to Little Rock for the Arkansas Association of Business Officials (AASBO) conference. Although he had to cancel several site visits he had planned prior […]

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Summer Conferences 2013

by Andrew Daniel

We attended some excellent conferences this season, including the Florida School of Finance Officers Association (FSFOA), the Southern Regional Datatel Users Group (SRDUG) and the Institutional Information Processing System Users Group (IIPS).

This year’s FSFOA was in Panama City June 18 – 20. This was our first time at FSFOA and it was great to meet so many new people and hear about culture and happenings of Florida K-12. With all the new faces it was also great to see some of our existing customers. Something unique to this conference is that every vendor was brought on stage during one of the general sessions to introduce themselves and describe what they do. This was a great way to share our story about how we help school districts and also hear what the other vendors in attendance do. We hope this is the first of many times we attend this conference!

SRDUG is always a wonderful conference because we have so many customers that attend. The organizers do a great job of highlighting the vendors and letting us reach out to as many people as possible. This year’s conference was in Dallas June 24 – 25. We were able to present at two sessions which were well attended by both existing and prospective Softdocs users. Beyond all the learning taking place, we were able to hone in our inner cowboy to two step through the night when inline dance instructors were brought in for the social event. What fun!

Another highlight was all the attendees that represented Central Texas College, one of our newest clients. They were excited to learn as much as possible about Softdocs and celebrate document imaging coming to their school this Fall.

The IIPS Summer Conference took place in Charlotte July 15 – 17. The IIPS Conference is always very special to us at Softdocs, and especially to VP of Sales Lew Love. All of the wonderful staff that attends from throughout the North Carolina Community College System really reminds us that we make up one big “family”.  Since so many of the attendees are already Softdocs users, it is a great chance for us to […]

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Tradeshow Travels

by Andrew Daniel

Whew! February and March have been busy!

On February 18-22 Anna Boomer, Selia Straus and thousands of Texas school officials “Walked the Walk” at the annual TASBO conference—a fitting theme an event whose backdrop is the historic Riverwalk of San Antonio, Texas. As the newest Account Manager in the Softdocs family, Anna enjoyed meeting educators and leaders from the hundreds of school districts in Texas, particularly individuals representing districts that are currently utilizing Softdocs products!

There was a wonderful turnout at TASBO and the exhibit hall boasted basketball flooring, school buses, and live demos of a range of products. Suffice it to say, when Anna and Selia were not interacting with the conference attendees they could be found at different vendor booths in the hall, talking about the needs of K-12’s in the state.

All-in-all, this event was fun and educational and we look forward to hearing more about Anna’s upcoming trips to Texas.

While Anna and Selia were in the Alamo City, Lew Love was in Greensboro, North Carolina at the 2013 NCASBO annual conference. This year’s theme was “Believe and Achieve: Innovative Solutions for New Challenges.” With ever-present concerns from school districts about budgetary and workflow issues, attendees gathered to discuss the challenges they face as educators and identified solutions to help them meet their goals. At Softdocs, this is a discussion that does not end. In fact, continually developing software that addresses the complicated needs of educational institutions is at the forefront of our minds. So, it was with enthusiasm that Lew learned about the needs of the schools in his territory, knowing he could take these insights back to our Columbia headquarters so we can make our products that much better for our clients!

Last week, Andrew Daniel, Robert Satcher, Mike Murphy and Selia Straus were in Myrtle Beach for the annual SCASBO conference. Year after year, this is always a great conference that provides the opportunity to touch base with the many friends we’ve made in South Carolina over the years. Did you know that almost 2/3 of SC school districts are Softdocs customers?

There are more conferences […]

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Fun & Busy Season!

by Andrew Daniel

To wrap up the trade show season, Softdocs was up and down the East Coast to several functions. We visited prospective and current customers all along the way and had a great time. As the holiday season draws near, we all have busy times ahead, but we hope they’re as exciting as the past couple months have been for us. We love ending the year on such a positive note.

FASBO is catered to members of the Florida Association of School Business Officers and this year’s conference took place at the Waldorf Astoria in beautiful Naples, FL, October 2 – 5.

The hotel and views were breathtaking and the Florida Food Service teamed up with FASBO to deliver some delicious local-style food. The conference attendees were able to walk away with knowledge from some excellent sessions and we really enjoyed our time with everyone in the sunshine state.

PADUG, which took place at the Sheraton Hotel Harrisburg/Hershey on October 15 and 16, was a great event for institutions in the Pennsylvania Area. The fellowship between attendees and vendors made this conference so special. From speakers to sessions, from board members to Ellucian’s presence; it was just a great time. Since we have been one of PADUG’s long-standing key sponsors, we no longer need an interpreter to translate Southern speech to the Mid-Atlantic attendees. Yeehaw! Ha!

IIPS, which is a part of the North Carolina Community College System, was a three-day conference held at the New Bern Riverfront Convention Center in New Bern, NC October 22 – 24. IIPS has developed over the past few years and has proved to provide significant value to its constituents. The riverfront New Bern Convention Center was a great location for the conference with plenty of places to eat, drink and see the town. The board did a great service to vendors by allowing each vendor a few minutes to pitch their products and services after the luncheon. We received many good vibes from our valued customers and we can’t wait for site visits to occur as a […]

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Softdocs Travels to North Carolina and California

by Andrew Daniel

Last week, Softdocs was all over the country. While our Professional Services Consultants traveled around performing on-site business process assessments and implementations, our Sales team was in Charlotte, North Carolina and Woodland, California for Higher Education Conferences, IIPS and CHUGADUG/3CDUG.

IIPS—which is a part of the North Carolina Community College System—was a three-day conference held at the Marriott Charlotte Executive Park in Charlotte, NC, July 16 – 18.  We saw many of our customers like Bob Palmiter (Pamlico CC), Sheryl Evans (Rockingham CC)—who paid a huge compliment to Softdocs Support Manager Rocky Berger (alright, Rocky!), Elmer Macopson (McDowell Technical CC), Donald Beck and Rick Schwendiman from Davidson County CC, and others.

The theme of the conference was “Shall We Dance” and did we ever! Monday night was the Dance, sponsored by EIS Data Systems, and it was lots of fun! We bonded with our friends from Davidson County CC and helped them win a $25 giftcard! Afterwards, we thought the night had ended, but everyone staying at the Marriott had FOUR fire alarm drills throughout the night from 2 – 5 a.m. Ugh!

Tuesday was less crazy, in a good way. We had more personal conversations at our booth and great conversations with Martin CC, McDowell CC, Fayetteville Technical CC, Coastal Carolina CC, and Pitt CC. Our Account Manager/Vice President, Lew Love*, led a very private session where he walked through the process of using e-forms. Tuesday wrapped up with a fabulous banquet and Wednesday wrapped up around lunchtime after a morning packed with sessions and roundtables.

We had a fabulous time and can’t wait to see some of these same folks at our conference in September! *Would you like to receive Lew’s News? Click here and send us an email with “Subscribe to Lew’s News” in the subject line.

CHUGADUG/3CDUG was held on the Woodland Community College campus, July 18 – 19. The weather was great and the turnout even better (about 150 people attended, since this was the first year that CHUGADUG and 3CDUG were held together).

It was great to see some of […]

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Softdocs Travels to Oklahoma for SRDUG

by Andrew Daniel

Softdocs has been a Datatel partner for over a decade and has participated in SRDUG—the Southern Regional Datatel Users Group Conference—for the past five years. It’s always been exciting to be a part of SRDUG and this year was no different.

This year’s conference took place at the Oklahoma City Marriott NW last week, after being relocated just five days prior due to the NBA Finals.

We cannot believe how smoothly everything went even with the last-minute location change. With many community colleges and universities coming together, over 50 sessions to choose from and the NBA Finals in town, the energy was high!

Softdocs was in attendance as a vendor and our very own Anna Boomer was a speaker for the sessions Colleague Integrated Time & Attendance and Go Paperless!

In Colleague Integrated Time & Attendance, Anna walked folks through a hands-on demonstration of EMMA, our time and attendance solution, which securely collects and delivers time sessions directly to Web Time Entry, and other payroll solutions. EMMA supports time collection through the use of fingerprint biometrics, magnetic swipe cards or PIN codes, providing multiple options for securely and accurately capturing time sessions and electronic signatures for time card approval.

A question that was raised during this session was:

How is EMMA secure when it stores fingerprint images? Great question! EMMA does not store any pictures or images in the database. The image is displayed to the user for the sole purpose of providing a reference as to where there fingerprint is on the scanner. The program takes the image received from the scanner and runs it through a proprietary algorithm that uses the unique features of the fingerprint image to break it down into a long hexadecimal number.

There is no way for this number to be reverse-engineered back into an image of a fingerprint. When an employee scans their finger for a clocking action, the image is again put through the same code and the database is searched using the number in order to determine if there is a match.

In Go Paperless! Anna shared the […]

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Where We Have Been: 2011 Summer Conference & Trade Show Update

by Andrew Daniel

At Softdocs we know its summer when at least one office air conditioning unit fails, it storms every afternoon at 3 and we get to go mingle with customers and prospects alike in great cities across the US.

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