Case Study: Collaboration is Key

Hannah Goodwin


Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) found themselves long overdue for a technology update. With no true solution in place to manage content and workflows, NICC depended on a makeshift system of network folder sharing that lacked any true collaboration or tracking elements. After being awarded a Title III grant, they had the funds to begin the search for a content management solution and purchased Softdocs in 2011.

NICC got started with Softdocs’  legacy Doc e Suite: Doc e Scan, Doc e Fill, Doc e Serve and Auto Launch back in 2011 to begin the road to paperless in student services, human resources and the business office.

One challenge that NICC has is that their two campuses are more than 90 miles apart and there is no central office, both big factors when it came to looking for a content management solution that could handle communication among the campuses.

Prior to Softdocs, NICC would have to mail or drive documentation back and forth between campuses, a process that not only took employees away from pressing projects back on campus but also lacked any security.

With the Doc e Suite in place, NICC was able to:

  • Eliminate paper within student services and improve efficiency with electronic forms
  • Store all content in a centralized location that can be accessed from any campus
  • Print transcripts and student schedule with a clean and professional look
  • Take the financial aid process online and drastically reduce turnaround time
  • Automate the accounts payable process, including printing and archiving of checks
  • Ultimately improve the lives of both their students and employees with a paperless environment

After five successful years with Doc e Scan, Softdocs’ legacy content management solution, NICC made the decision to upgrade to Etrieve Content, Softdocs’ next generation content management solution. For this implementation, NICC had a product owner in place to handle Softdocs solutions and Softdocs solutions only. They have gotten to a point now where other schools are calling them to ask for recommendations when it comes to content management.

“It’s (Etrieve) is really expanding into all the nooks and crannies…we always are asking what we can do that hasn’t been done before,” said Ray Kieffer, NICC Electronic Document Support Specialist.

Check out the full case study here and see how NICC was able to become champions for paperless collaboration with Softdocs.