Capture Your Email Correspondence!

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Time spent printing, filing or forwarding messages to their archival destination greatly reduces the efficiency of your institution’s workflow process. Wouldn’t you agree?

With Softdocs, this time can be saved by utilizing an add-on feature for Doc e Scan called eComm Capture.

eComm Capture automatically captures emails and their attachments from one or multiple monitored mailboxes into the appropriate folder within Doc e Scan.

eComm Capture can capture the body of the email, attached files and key field information.

All of its functions can be configured to fit your business needs. If the body of the email isn’t important to you, you can choose to exclude it in the capture. You can also limit the number of attachments, their file size or file types.

You may also set up a notification email address where error notifications will go if there is conflicting data, ensuring accurate quality assurance.

Maximize your Doc e Scan solution by adding eComm Capture. Contact us for more information.