Bridge 2020 FAQs

Updated: April 2, 2020

See below for answers to important questions that we are getting from you, our customers.


Will my hotel room be canceled for me?

If you took advantage of the BRIDGE 2020 room rate, yes. Your Marriott reservation will be canceled and you will receive a full refund on the rooms booked. Confirmation will be sent automatically to the email address provided during registration.

If I have questions about that, should I reach out to you or the Charleston Marriott? 

Please call the Charleston Marriott with any questions. However, we do ask that you allow 14 days to receive the confirmation email before reaching out. The phone number for the Charleston Marriott is 843-723-3000.

I would still like to visit Charleston this month and stay at the Marriott. What should I do?

Please call the Charleston Marriott to reinstate your reservations. They have been an incredible partner to work with, and their facilities are wonderful. We would love for you to experience Charleston before we gather there for our 2021 conference. Be sure to remember all the best restaurants! 

What happens if I had a registration at a different hotel than the Charleston Marriott?

Please reach out to that hotel directly, as you are solely responsible for canceling your hotel accommodations.


I have already made travel arrangements. What should I do about my flight?

Contact the airline directly. We are finding most to be very flexible at this time. We have been purposeful in scheduling the conference within a 12-month timeframe and at the same location, so that it should be easier for you to adjust your travel arrangements within a one-year period.


What happens to my Bridge registration? 

As we had to postpone Bridge to the spring of 2021, we can rollover your registration to the 2021 conference to lock in your discounts that you earned this year. That means you can participate in all aspects you registered for in the 2021 conference at the 2020 rates. You do have to be fully paid to take advantage of this.  


You can request a full refund of your registration fees and then re-register when we launch registration for the 2021 conference.   

Please email with a subject line of ROLLOVER Bridge 2020 or REFUND Bridge 2020 and we will process your request and either send you confirmation of rollover or a refund check in approximately 6 weeks.  

You must rollover or request a refund of your registration by April 8, 2020. If we do not hear from you by April 8, 2020, your Bridge 2020 registration fees will automatically be applied to Bridge 2021 registration.

What if more people from my institution can attend Bridge in 2021 and we are eligible for a greater discount? 

The more the merrier! We promise to honor the better discount for you and make sure that you save all the money you can.

What if fewer people from my institution can attend Bridge in 2021?  

If you rollover your registration from this year and find that fewer people are able to attend in 2021, we will refund the registration of those that can’t. What you gain in the meantime is locking in discounts for everyone possibly attending in 2021, and then having room to adjust next year. 

Are boot camps included in these terms above?

Yes, they are. We intend to offer the same boot camp topics next year as well.  

If I cannot attend Bridge next year and need to assign my registration to someone else at my institution, can I do that next year?

Yes, you can reassign your Bridge 2020 registrations after rolling them over to the 2021 conference.

If I had a presenter discount for 2020 but could not present next year, do I still get that discount in 2021?

If you rollover your registration to 2021, you will receive the Presenter Discount you were given this year, and in fact, we’ll even add in an additional 2021 Presenter Discount if you present next year. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into sharing your story with your fellow Softdocs customers. The most powerful content at Bridge comes from our customer presenters, and we hope you will be able to present in 2021 and save even more!

Other questions

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to email