Going “Best of Breed” with Softdocs

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

This week, sales guru Andrew Daniel takes us through finding a software solution, and how it benefits you to find one that’s the best of its breed.


Best of breed – what exactly does that term mean?

According to the Bridgefield Group, a technology/business process consulting firm, it means “systems or functions that exhibit the highest level of performance in their class.”

In the view of technology users like yourself, it means examining the marketplace and selecting the solution that best meets your specific needs. In some cases, the solution may be an ERP partner.  In other cases, the solution may not.  Regardless, as a user, you have taken the time to see what all is out there and gone with the best possible option.

In the view of ERP solutions, such as our partners, it means they have gone to the marketplace and found the solution that best meets the specific needs of their user base. In short, the ERP has done a good bit of the homework for both you and your team. And when you factor in integration resulting from a partnership, the answer becomes even clearer.

So what makes a software company be the best of the breed? They have to focus on one (or two) things and do them really, really well. Take Softdocs for example. As a company, all we focus on is finding creative new ways to help users eliminate the need for paper. We don’t worry about tax tables, general ledgers, journal entries or student info screens – we worry about the documents that lead up to and result from these entries taking place.  The result is that our solutions dive deeper, expand wider and provide the functionality our customers need to truly go paperless.

But best of breed isn’t just content management. It’s also about time & attendance, forms processing, notifications, direct marketing, hardware and network infrastructure and everything else that goes into making your technology-rich workplace operate at its maximum efficiency.

So, the next time you’re looking for a new technology, whatever it may be, research the marketplace. Find what’s out there and go with the solution that best meets your specific goals and objectives.

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