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Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

“Seventeen Years of Records Lost in Recent Flood”

Does this headline catch your eye like it did ours?

Last September, this is exactly where City Year—a local Columbia, SC non-profit that helps to keep students in school—found themselves, according to local news. Seventeen years of records destroyed, in a span of 24 hours.

Imagine if your institution’s only copy of student records, business documents, and other important files were lost in a flood or other natural disaster with no type of backup—years of information gone in just a few hours. How terrifying!

This is why our Records Conversion services are so important. All of our paperless solutions help to eliminate the possibility of lost records, but if your current paper documents are not electronically archived into the system, it could take years to transition a single department paperless. Maintaining two archives—one physical and one electronic—creates confusion and wastes employee time searching for documents.

Softdocs’ Records Conversion division converts archived documents, microfilm and microfiche into digital images that can be stored and retrieved within our enterprise content management solution, Doc e Scan.

Not only does this eliminate the need for filing cabinets full of paper, but the best part is that once all the documents are in Doc e Scan any document can be easily searched for, accessed, and reviewed by anyone with access to the system.

So, why can’t I scan and index our archived documents manually?

You can, and while many institutions without the extra time or manpower decide to let us take this big project off their plate, our Professional Services team can come in and train you on-site.

Whether you decide to do this yourself or have our Records Conversion division do it for you, Softdocs can empower your employees and bring efficiency to your institution by eliminating the hassle of paper-heavy business processes.

And hopefully sooner rather than later, you’ll be asking yourself, “How in the world did I ever find anything in those filing cabinets?” as you quickly and easily pull up a PO or student record on your monitor in seconds.

Contact us for more information and details of our Records Conversion process.