Automatically Deliver Class Rosters to Faculty & Staff

Carvel Blakeney

Carvel Blakeney

Has a member of your faculty ever requested electronic access to their class rosters?

Instead of staff members taking the time to print individual rosters, sort and distribute them at the beginning of each semester, send them directly to your faculty. They’ll appreciate the immediate online access and you’ll have a simple, automated solution for issuing class roster files.

With the use of Serve and eDelivery, this can be achieved:

  1. Add the faculty’s email address to the file sent from your existing ERP to Serve
  2. Serve segments the file by class and then sends the roster(s) in PDF form to eDelivery
  3. eDelivery mails each faculty member their class roster(s)

Faculty members can then decide on their own if and when they want to print physical copies of the rosters.

And updates can be easily sent as well.

For more information, contact us. We’d be glad to talk in detail about how Softdocs can help your school increase communication and operate more efficiently.