Automatically Capture & Process Student Applications

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) is a free service offered by the State of North Carolina to perspective higher education students. The program helps students plan, apply and pay for college. Other states and organizations offer similar services such as ApplyTexas and the Common Application.

After being approached by multiple colleges in the CFNC network, we teamed with Edgecombe Community College to create a process that automatically creates a digital image of the flat application file each network school receives – saving significant time and improving the overall admissions process.

How it works

  • Once the CFNC file is retrieved, a scheduled XAP process sends the application data, which is identified by social security numbers, to Colleague and Serve.
  • Colleague receives this information minutes before Serve to assign the student ID.
  • As soon as the IDs are assigned, a reporting tool directs the numbers to Doc e Scan where they merge and each application is matched by the student’s SSN and Colleague ID.
  • An application image is generated in Serve showing the student ID and automatically imports to Doc e Scan with an open status.
  • This application status is closed one the data is verified.
  • If the SSN and ID matching did not occur during the Serve merge process, the application status remains in open until they are manually connected.

Out of the 800 applications Edgecombe CC has processed in the past two months, only 10 needed manual matching. Want more information on how to introduce this new process at your institution? Contact us today.