Announcing! BRIDGE 2012: Visiting the Past, Sharing for the Future

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

September 16 – 19 | Charleston, SC

We’re excited to announce the official details of our Softdocs User Group Conference, BRIDGE 2012!

The conference is a way to bring our customers together to share ideas, learn new tricks and enjoy a community of other Softdocs users. Our hope is not to just create a knowledge-based conference that helps you do more with Softdocs, but to set the scene in a location you’ll enjoy and give you an opportunity to experience it.

Charleston, SC was voted the 3rd best city in the world, according to and we agree that it’s one of the bests.

Charleston displays historic beauty and Southern charm like nowhere else. Cobblestone roads and horse-drawn carriages adorn the streets. Intricate iron gates, remnants of the Civil War and street vendors will take you back in time.

Although it’s helpful to see where you’ve come, it’s not the past we want to focus on. It’s most definitely the future!

Imagine a community of Softdocs users who exchange ideas and knowledge and realize how to use the software they already own to maximize its full potential. Fully utilizing something you already have to make your life easier sounds pretty appealing to us, too.

Here are the details: You’ll experience Charleston while networking at our social events, including our dine-around and Sail Away with Softdocs: Evening Harbor Cruise. You’ll see incredible architecture, eat amazing, local foods, enjoy an afternoon to yourself and stay in the revered Frances Marion Hotel.

But that’s just the dessert. The “meat and potatoes” of the conference is in the knowledge and connections you’ll gain. You’ll learn how to cross the generational divide in your institution to leverage its power from our keynote speaker, Preston Swincher. You’ll gain insight from the experts (including other customers) to refine your technological skills, learn about new functionality and discover ways to improve operational efficiency in our sessions. You’ll also meet folks you’ll end up knowing for years to come.

You’ll enjoy yourselves, yes. But you’ll also learn how your investment in our solutions can become more than in just a piece of software.

Join us for a time of learning, networking and fun in the beautiful historic district of downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

See you September 16 – 19, 2012!