Accident Reporting Made Easy with Softdocs

Andrew Daniel

Andrew Daniel

Nearly four million children and adolescents are injured at school each year (as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Does your district have a rapid system in place for formal accident reporting?

With Etrieve Forms, accident reports can be sent directly your proper state agency in a matter of minutes.

Step 1)  Your employee or witness completes and submits the OSHA compliant accident report e-form in Etrieve Forms.

Step 2)  The form is automatically routed to a designated school authority figure for review and prompt submission. Once approved, the report is sent to Serve.

Step 3) Serve processes the accident report and distributes it via eDelivery to the proper state agency in an email as a PDF attachment.

Step 4)  A final copy is filed in Etrieve Content for your district’s record keeping.

Harrison County Board of Education in West Virginia is just one of the schools utilizing our accident reporting form.

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