5 Reasons to Move to Etrieve in K-12

Brian Hinson

Brian Hinson

Today we wanted to take some time to dive deeper into Etrieve, our fully cloud- and browser-based next-generation platform, designed to meet the unique needs of school districts from the business office to HR and student records.

One question we receive regularly from existing customers is, “How is Etrieve different from Softdocs' legacy ECM solutions?”

While the Doc e Suite has been and still is very impactful to districts, technology and student demands have evolved. The ever-changing business requirements of educational institutions have made it obvious that today’s districts require innovative features and simplified user interfaces.

Etrieve has been designed to fit exactly how school districts now operate. Everything from business processes to budgets are unique to the K-12 world, so we wanted a solution that was specifically tailored to them.

Here are just a couple of the reasons more and more districts are making the move…

1. Cloud-based record storage

Etrieve allows you to store student, employee and vendor records in a secure, customizable cloud-based repository, reducing the need for long-term storage and manual retention policies. With a flexible electronic filing structure, storage, archival and retrieval of documents with Etrieve is simplified.

2. Mobile-friendly, secure access

Etrieve grants employees immediate, yet secure access to view and manage files within the platform at any time, from any device. With complete data and content encryption throughout the platform, as well as centralized authentication for single sign-on, you can be sure all data is accessible yet secure.

3. Ready-to-use electronic forms and workflow templates

Etrieve’s out of the box solutions for common HR, student record and finance processes includes electronic teacher contracts, purchase requisitions, onboarding and special needs records. All departments and aspects of your district are connected through the power of automations. What may take hours in a manual environment, is reduced to a matter of minutes when automated.

4. Native integration to SIS and third party systems

With integration capabilities to your district’s native systems and solutions, Etrieve pre-populates employee, student and vendor data to reduce manual keying and increase data consistency. These integration points save time and effort by streamlining tedious tasks.

5. Next-generation capabilities

Etrieve features an intuitive, innovative user interface that is consistent across all components of the platform. Fully cloud and browser-based, as well as mobile-friendly, the solution goes beyond reducing paper and truly transforms the way your district thinks about some of its most common processes.

Want to learn more? Learn more about what Etrieve can offer to your Finance, HR and Student Records departments.