3 Reasons to Prioritize Services Quality When Choosing an ECM Provider

Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

You’re on the hunt for an enterprise content management vendor, and the list of considerations is lengthy. What some educational institutions fail to consider throughout their search for a provider, is the quality of services and support.

This is crucial and surely shouldn’t fall to the wayside on your list of priorities. Check out the list below for just a glimpse into the importance of knowing who the people are behind the software.

  1. Remember why you are purchasing the solution in the first place – to eliminate bottlenecks.

What is the provider’s primary method of communication for services and support? Strictly email? Live chat? Bots? Phone calls? Does the team have a reputation of responsiveness and attentiveness?

These are important things to consider. If you don’t think your team will be able to actively communicate with the services and support team, there is potential that you will be paying for services that are contributing bottlenecks, rather than combating them.

With so many solutions in today’s educational institutions being implemented enterprise-wide, your system being down not only affects employees, it spans to students, as well. Make sure you have a team that is equipped and ready to mitigate any issues.

  1. Ensure you are working with a team that knows your market – inside and out.

Does this provider focus on a myriad of industries, or are they experts in one particular market? Have they proved to be knowledgeable of the educational institutions, and have specific use cases of successful institutions?

While no two implementations are the same, working with a team that has experience with implementing at an institution with comparable business processes as yours can be extremely helpful.

A good services team will be able to hold your institution accountable to ensure you are using all aspects of your solutions to their fullest potential and reaping the maximum benefits of your implementation. A team with industry expertise is also able to make helpful recommendations that you or your team may have never thought of before.

  1. Determine if the team meets your expectation of expertise and professionalism.

Whether you are transitioning from a completely paper-dependent environment or converting from legacy software, pay special attention to the level of expertise of your potential provider’s services team.

These are the people that will be handling your institutions’ data, so you want to be sure they meet your expectations of professionalism and you trust them with your data. Keep in mind that a services team should not only be about converting your data efficiently, but also presenting discussions on file structure changes, workflow modifications and determining other ways to reap the full benefits of the solutions’ functionality.

Sure, the intuitiveness of the design, cost and deployment options are key when it comes to selecting a vendor for your enterprise content management needs, but be sure to also consider the quality of services and support. These are the teams you will continue to collaborate with as long as the solution is active at your institution, so take care in laying out your expectations and ensuring that they meet them.

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