3 Reasons to Integrate Your ECM and ERP Systems

Jordan Harbor

Jordan Harbor

Across the many departments and offices that span the campuses of educational institutions, it can be quite common to find a few applications in use that simply don’t communicate well with each other. These communication difficulties often lead to information silos, and at the very least, inefficiencies that lengthen the time it takes to process or distribute needed information. Able to integrate with ERP systems and most third-party applications, ECM solutions can connect disparate systems and improve communication campus-wide. 

Here are 3 reasons why integrating ECM with your ERP is the right move to make:  

  1. Extends ERP Functionalities, Creating New Efficiencies 

Facing an influx of data accompanying increasing enrollments, many educational institutions can benefit from strategically investing in third-party solutions that complement their existing ERP system. Utilizing content management and business process automation systems revitalizes an institution’s use of their ERP system by creating new front-end efficiencies while capturing and distributing operational data.   

  1. Improves Interdepartmental Communication 

ERP systems were never intended to serve as communication hubs, but in some cases may have been pressed into service in response to a gradual rise in forms and regulations. Business process automation, electronic forms and content management systems revolutionize how institutions manage communication of information across campus.  

  1. Ensures Data Consistency and Compliance 

Some ECM systems leverage ERP data to create initial student, employee and vendor records. These records are automatically updated as incoming content is filed, organized and indexed through prepopulating index information. A secure central data repository and workflow system keeps data consistent across applications and provides instant, secure data access to students and employees. Centralized authentication and single-sign on prevent unauthorized data access and maintain a strict audit trail over the life of the document. 

If you’d like to learn more about the impact that ECM solutions can have on how your institution utilizes your ERP, please review this post: Extending the Life of Your ERP for Smarter Operationsattend an Etrieve webinar or give us a call!