2019 Softdocs Hackathon Recap

Chuck Wilson

Chuck Wilson

This month, our development team participated in the second annual Softdocs Hackathon. Following the format of last year’s event, Softdocs developers received a 48-hour window to explore original ideas and experiment with new technologies. Trusting in the vision and ingenuity of our development team, we only asked that their projects be related to Softdocs or Etrieve and that they prepare an accompanying presentation to deliver at the conclusion of the hackathon.

The presentations from last year’s hackathon revealed that our development team was interested in exploring different ways to access information managed by Etrieve. Projects included advances toward a task-based user interface, alternative ways to interact with e-forms and content management, as well as various attempts to reimagine the structure and searchability of Etrieve. We came away impressed with our team’s universal desire to highlight the power of Etrieve as a complete ECM platform.

Following the hackathon in 2018, the need for a robust platform API and alternative user interface experiences was reinforced. As a result, encouraged by customer feedback and the development team’s enthusiasm, we invested significantly over the past year to enhance interface options in order to make Etrieve even easier to use and integrate in an institution’s infrastructure ecosystem.

At this year’s hackathon, we noticed several themes underlying the projects explored by our team. Many of these themes reinforced our team’s goals for 2019 by pursuing different ways to leverage Etrieve’s REST-ful API.

Here are the five most prevalent themes we pulled from this year’s  projects and presentations:

  1. Building on top of the Etrieve platform
  2. Creating point specific applications designed to solve specific business problems or processes
  3. Security
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Process Efficiency

Teams explored specific use cases for Etrieve, alternative ways to interact with documents managed by Etrieve, and methods to improve navigation, by integrating more closely with user applications. While many teams sought to make consistent use of Etrieve’s APIs, some focused on improving internal processes that would make our team more efficient.

We are excited to build upon the ideas that our team explored during our hackathon this year, as we move forward in 2019. At Softdocs, we are committed to exploring new ways to provide additional value to the customers who have invested in our solutions. In just two years, the Softdocs Hackathon has already proven its value in fulfillment of that commitment. We’re confident our team will continue to evolve Etrieve to ensure it remains the best enterprise content management solution for the education market.