2019 Softdocs Customer Innovation Award Finalists

Jordan Harbor

Jordan Harbor

In the weeks leading up to BRIDGE 2019, our recent user conference, nominations rolled in for the 2019 Softdocs Customer Innovation Award. We’re extremely grateful to all who participated and every institution nominated, for their ingenuity in implementing our education-based enterprise content management solutions. Bridge 2019 attendees narrowed the field to 3 finalists before choosing Pepperdine University as our 2019 award winner!

Looking to learn more about the Softdocs Customer Innovation Award or William Jewell College, our 2017 award winner? Please read this February 2019 post titled Softdocs Customer Innovation Award.

And without further ado, here are our 2019 finalists.

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University was nominated for their development of an admissions application decision form internally used by the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. Relying extensively on integrations developed for Etrieve Forms, this admissions scorecard collects information from several sources, processes that information and displays it in a way that is more easily digestible during review.

Familiarize yourself with Pepperdine University’s student scorecard by reading this April 2019 post titled Pepperdine University wins 2019 Softdocs Customer Innovation Award.

Birmingham City Schools

Birmingham City Schools was nominated for their development of additional ways to increase the effectiveness of Softdocs solutions deployed within their district. Using simple workflow tools, a feature was created which allows form originators to delete unnecessary forms from their inboxes and users to restore any mistakenly deleted forms. A Time Clock Override form was also developed, which has been instrumental in streamlining the completion of monthly service reports within the district.

Central Texas College

Central Texas College was nominated for their widespread adoption of electronic forms, with over 200 forms being actively used across campus. One particular form, an Internal Events Agenda and Checklist, flows between the institution’s Risk Management Team, Budget Office, Student Life and their Police Department to assess risk, confirm availability of funds and location, and determine security necessity/availability for upcoming on-campus events.

Everyone had a terrific time at Bridge learning about the many innovative ways our customers are using our solutions, and we are very proud of this year’s finalists for their outside the box thinking! Stay tuned as we highlight more unique ways our solutions are being used throughout higher education and K-12 in the months ahead.