Etrieve by Softdocs is a true all-in-one platform that includes enterprise content management, electronic forms, process automation and print delivery. Deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, Etrieve provides users with a single point of entry for system administration, access to content, forms and workflows, as well as reporting and security utilities. Accessible from any device on any platform, Etrieve offers a fully functional component-based architecture that is flexible to meet the needs of any school district or institution.

Our next generation enterprise content management solution allows you to manage all documentation and related content in a secure, standardized manner to increase eficiencies and access to information across all departments.


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Connect all departments and aspects of your institution through our intuitive graphical workflow designer, letting administrators, finance, IT and HR to manage simple to complex processes entirely online.


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Our electronic forms solution enables students and employees to complete web-based forms with intelligent workflow designs, eliminating the need for paper at its source while decreasing processing time and more.


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Reduce your document delivery time while keeping your institution’s communication efective and simple. Capture, customize, control.


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Intuitive UI

A simple, intuitive interface for users at all levels.

Browser-Based & Responsive

Perform all actions within your browser from a PC, Mac, tablet or phone without local software to install or configure.

ERP Integration

Easily pass data to and from ERP solutions.

Enterprise Level Licensing

Designed to grow, with no additional per-user license fees to worry about.

Core Utilities

API/SDK Integrate easily with other solutions, such as Ellucian Colleague, Harris NextGen and more.

Security Make sure those confidential records, applications and forms are only seen by the right eyes with Etrieve’s specialized protection application.

Backup From server failures to natural disasters, we can ensure your institution’s records remain safe and accessible when you need them.

Reporting Efficiently report accidents to state agencies or write-ups to administrators in a matter of minutes with automatic routing and easy-to-access state-compliant forms.

Self-Service Employees no longer have to request access or wait through an approval process to view their records; even former employees can log in and view their archived records.


You can’t go with what you have, you have to re-engineer it to what you want it to be. Just because something worked one way before…maybe with [Softdocs] you can do it a better, different way.


Lynn Reynolds | Registrar | Monmouth University

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Our innovative software solutions work to redefine business processes in the educational marketplace by improving student service and employee productivity with complete control over how content is captured, processed and distributed.